Product Description

This device has 3 parts inside: 4G base station including EPC, UE (CPE edition), and Mesh router.

This device can act as a mesh node that can connect to a mesh network and forward data for the mesh network.

This device can provide ether-port for external LAN-Device to access the mesh network.


  • Can join specific mesh network automatically.
  • Can forward data as a bridge node for the mesh network.
  • Support at most 10 hops for mesh.
  • Support at most 250 nodes for a mesh network.
  • Support at most 100 devices under a mesh node. There can be 100x250=25k lan-devices in a mesh network.
  • Support all devices' peer-to-peer IP communication in the mesh network.
Technical Specification:
  • Size: < 500 x 300 X 200 mm
  • Weight: < 10 Kg
  • Power: < 20 W
  • Work distance: 2-40 Km.
  • Work bandwidth: 1-100 Mbps. 
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